Nah Ho Productions
Contact Information
Phone :
867 393 3306
Address :
39 Green Crescent
Y1A 4R8
Independent Documentary Northern Canada
Independent documentary producer and distributor.  Based in Northern Canada: Whitehorse, Yukon.  People and equpment: Production and Post.

Awards: Gemini (The Canada Award)
Golden Sheaf, NFB History Award, Silver Apple (US National Educational Award).

DVDs reflecting an independent Northern point of view, available for distribution:

Nuhoniyeh: Our Story (56:43)
--History of Sayisi Dene: contact, trade, relocation, degradation and the struggle to regain land and livelihood.

CANOL: Strange Invasion (43:00)
--Oil was just the excuse, money was the reason.   War and oil... Canada's first northern mega-project, seen through the eyes of the Kaska elder who led the way more that 60 years ago.  Who benefited, who lost?  What is the lasting legacy of oil and gas development? 

Sea Ice and Wooden Boats (26:00)
--The last of the Peterhead boats; those decked-over 40 foot wooden boats that brought their Inuit owners economic independence at the end of the trapping era.

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